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UCHA Welcomes You

UCHA is not just housing, it is an amazing opportunity to connect with a huge cross-section of the academic community, from across disciplines to around the world.  Applying is your first step in what may become the most enriching time of your life.



You can request to move in for any academic quarter that will begin within the next 12 months.  

Please send ONLY ONE application per person.

Applications must be manually signed or e-signed, then email to us at ADMISSIONS@UCHA.COOP:

  • a scan (not a photo) of your signed application,

  • proof of student status (i.e. Admission letter, unofficial transcript, valid school ID, I-20 copy, etc.)

  • a valid state ID/Driver’s license or passport 

Application Fee: On this page, you can pay with PayPal or with a Debit or Credit card.  We will not process your application until we receive your application payment.

Your application is valid for only one academic year (Fall through Summer). If you don't want admission for the quarter you initially applied for, you may email a request for your application to be held for another quarter’s admission. If you have not moved in by Summer, you will have to re-apply for admission to the next academic year.



ALL applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the time they move in.

Academic Requirements – all applicants must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Be a full-time UCLA undergraduate student (taking 12 quarterly or 12 semester units), Graduate student, PHD student or professional degree program (law, medicine etc.). Applicants/students on OPT (practical training) or those following preparatory language courses are not eligible to apply.

  • Graduate, PhD students or PhD holders, working on a temporary research project at UCLA (full-time salaried/career researchers are not eligible).

  • UCLA faculty member – teacher in direct relation to the academic education of UCLA students (50% FTE hours or more per week to teaching duties) in courses offered by the UCLA registrar. Other employees  are not eligible.

  • Non-UCLA student – attending full time (12 semester units or 12 quarterly units), an accredited college or university (undergraduate, graduate, associate degree or qualified certificate program). Students following preparatory language courses or those students not meeting the minimum quarterly/semester unit requirement need not apply/not eligible.  Non-UCLA students are accepted to fill no more than 20% of total UCHA occupancy.

For Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 applications

For Fall 2024 thru Summer 2025 applications

Quarterly Check In and Check Out Dates for 2023-2024
Winter 2024:
             Check-in: January 3, 2024
             Check-out: March 22, 2024

Spring 2024:
             Check-in: March 27, 2024
             Check-out: June 14, 2024

Summer 2024:

             Check-in: June 24, 2024
             Check-out: September 13, 2024

Fall 2024:
             Check-in: September 23, 2024
             Check-out: December 13, 2024

Pay with Paypal, Debit or Credit Card

Processing begins after we receive both your application and application fee.


Application Fee

Regular processing
for a response in 1-2 weeks.


Application + Express Fee

For a response within 3 business days.


Applying FAQs

What guarantees me a spot?

UCHA must reserve the right to withdraw an offer of housing and/or make changes to its policies, which might be evoked by disasters or other unforeseen circumstance, so no guarantee is offered.  However, you should consider you place secure when:

  • you have been officially admitted AND

  • you have paid the reservation fee by the due date AND

  • you are in receipt of official confirmation from the UCHA (in writing) stating that we have reserved a place for you

Please note: Any verbal assurances, regardless of the source, are not to be accepted, and UCHA will not at any time consider such claims as valid.

Can I apply for space on arrival?

You can come to the office to apply, but you will not be admitted on the same day. Your application will be processed and we will send further instructions by email.

Is it possible to get a double with my friend?

Ordinarily, we do not give out specific rooms. Rooms are selected by the members on a seniority basis in the bump process, so all singles, and most of the doubles are taken by the members who have been here a longer time. If you want to stay with a friend, it is likely you would succeed in that, especially if you team with a third person for a triple in the bump process.

How are new students and returning members admitted?

There are no application deadlines. We generally follow a first-come, first-serve order with priority given to UCLA students and returning members, until all vacancies are filled. See the Apply web page for details.

After the application is processed, UCHA will contact you and provide instructions on next steps and how to pay the reservation fee. This fee is non-refundable and serves as the first part of the quarterly payment, which is paid in parts each month. On receipt of the reservation fee, UCHA will contact you again with next step instructions. On check-in day, new members pay the deposit, membership fee, and early check-in charges (if any). The member fee is a one-time fee, to join the Association. The security deposit is refundable after you leave.

Returning UCHA members, if qualified to return, will need to re-apply and provide supporting documentation, like any new applicant.

Whom do I make payments out to? And how or where do I send it to?

You will be provided payment instructions in the admission process. Sorry, but we do not accept personal checks for new admissions.

What payments do I need to make to complete the admissions process?

When you first apply, you pay only the $35 application fee or $60 express fee. 
After your application is processed, then you pay the non refundable reservation fee of $650.00, which is treated like it is first month's rent.
When you check in, you then pay the  the $200.00 (Non-Refundable) member-fee and the $1,200.00 deposit, along with any early check-in charges (if applicable).  Early check-in means you check in during the break, but prior to the official check-in day, and is charged at $30.00 a day until the official check-in date.

What is the membership fee?

At UCHA, residents are members of the organization. This one-time, non-refundable fee, is used for various member related activities such as social events, to fund and maintain the computer lab, movie nights, the member year book, etc. The membership fee is not part of your quarterly room fee. They are additional dues.

Can I use financial aid towards payments?

UCHA does not work with financial aid offices of any college.

How is the student billed that does not attend UCLA?

Non-UCLA students (i.e. SMC, UCLA Extension, CalState schools etc.), or students attending UCLA professional schools may check-in at any time during the week in accordance with their school schedule. However, UCHA operates according to the UCLA undergraduate school schedule. As such, all members, regardless of their school's schedule, are responsible for all payments due for each contracted period, which is the UCLA quarter. In other words, if the non-UCLA member's school schedule should end mid-quarter, that member would still be responsible for room and board payments until the end of the quarter.

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