We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2020 quarter, and beyond.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for Housing. Applications are accepted from full-time UCLA students, Faculty of UCLA only (see below). Students from other colleges may also apply. However, Full-time UCLA students receive priority consideration, and non-UCLA students are accepted to fill no more than 20% of total UCHA occupancy.

Please Do Not send more than one application per person. On receipt of an application, the admissions office will contact you regarding a decision within 2-4 weeks (for regular processing), or 5 bussiness days (for Express processing). Incomplete applications will not be processed.

All applications must be manually signed and accompanied with proof of student status (i.e. Admission letter, current/valid school ID, I-20 copy etc.), a valid state ID/Driver’s licence or passport copy and payment of the application fee. Applications, if emailed, should be attached as a scanned copy (i.e. as an original document/word attachment, PDF, etc.); do not send an application with a printed signature or a photograph of the Application Form or Zip file. Bring additional documents to check in.

An application is valid for only one academic year (Fall through Summer). Should you not want admission for the quarter you initially applied for, you may request (in writing/email), for your file to be forwarded for the next quarter’s (or any other quarter’s) admission consideration (provided that quarter is within the academic cycle). If your request is for a quarter not within the years academic cycle, then an updated application will also need to be sent in. A similar process is conducted for those with reservations.

Regular Processing: 2-4 weeks
Express Processing: 5 Business days

Requirements – all persons applying must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Be a full-time UCLA undergraduate student (taking 12 quarterly or 12 semester units), Graduate student, PHD student or professional degree program (law, medicine etc.). Applicants/students on OPT (practical training) or those following preparatory language courses are not eligible to apply.

  • Graduate, PhD students or PhD holders, working on a temporary research project at UCLA (full-time salaried/career researchers are not eligible).

  • UCLA staff (faculty) member – teacher in direct relation to the academic education of UCLA students (50% FTE hours or more per week to teaching duties) in courses offered by the UCLA registrar (Other staff need not apply/not eligible).

  • Non-UCLA student – attending full time (12 semester units or 12 quarterly units), an accredited college or university (undergraduate, graduate, associate degree or qualified certificate program). Students following preparatory language courses or those students not meeting the minimum quarterly/semester unit requirement need not apply/not eligible.


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