UCHA Reopening Policies

The UCHA reopening strategy assumes an easing of the COVID-19 pandemic in the months to come, including an easing of State and Local restrictions/guidelines, and the main UCLA campus conducting in-house instruction, projected for the Winter 2021 academic quarter.

Accordingly, UCHA offers no Housing Guarantees. Should there be any known changes to this assumption, UCHA reserves the right to amend its internal policies and guidelines accordingly.

OVERALL PURPOSE: these measures are put in place to, as much as reasonably possible, protect and ensure the safety of members, while maintaining and continuing the services and operational purposes of UCHA.


While UCHA’s maximum occupancy is accounted for at 424 members, in light of the prevailing pandemic, occupancy goals are calculated as follows:

Summer 1, 2020:      170 to 200 members

Summer 11, 2020:    200 to 250 members

Fall 2020:                  250 to 325 members

Winter 2021:             325 to 400 members

Occupancy goals post Winter 2021, will be as specified in the official UCHA 2020-2021 mid-year and 2020-2021 academic-year budgets. 


The UCHA admissions policy/criteria remains consistent as professed in its Articles of incorporation, By-Laws and Rules of the Association. Admission remains open to all that qualify with no discrimination of any of the protected categories (I.e. Race, Sex and related medical conditions, Sexual orientation, Color, National origin, Religion, Disability, Age). 

In context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, persons from areas known as “Hot Spots” at the time of admission, may however, be subject to added review, including possible temporary suspension of admission, until satisfactory measures are in place to ensure the safety of all parties associated with UCHA. 


Summer 1, 2020:      effective July 6, 2020

Summer II, 2020:      effective August 3, 2020

Fall 2020:                  effective September 30, 2020

Winter 2021:             effective: January 4, 2021


All new members will continue to be required to self-quarantine for a period of up to 2-weeks from official check-in. As persons may unwittingly carry the virus and not be aware of it, continued quarantining is warranted as a precaution.

Due to practical considerations, this policy is expected to remain actively enforceable through Summer 11, 2020, and only until the start of the Fall 2020 quarter or as deemed manageable subject to increased occupancy and other practical considerations.

Should a sharp increase in infected cases be known throughout the nation, however, this policy will be subject to further review and amendment.

Exceptions: Persons who provide documentation evincing a negative test result, (free COVID-19 test/s offered by the LA county), may be exempt from this process.

Additional information on this can be obtained by emailing the crew chief at: crisiscrew@ucha.coop.

While new members are permitted to obtain meals during official UCHA meal hours, aside of this specific activity, new members are not be permitted to participate in chore shifts and congregate on UCHA premises, during this period. New members may however, leave the premises to attend to personal activity outside of UCHA premises.

Essene will continue to be secluded as the main location for quarantining purposes. Selected rooms with private bathrooms will continue to be set aside for this purpose. Once occupancy increases to beyond the capacity for Essene to house new entrants, other locations in HHH and Robison will be sought.  

For known cases of infection, if any, those rooms with private/ensuite bathrooms will be utilized to house said members, and will be supervised by the crisis crew chief. Should there be an increase in the number of cases, and as such, a need for more spaces, members not affected will be required to relocate, and make vacant much needed spaces for this purpose.

Members required to move, will not lose tenure on these rooms, and will be permitted to move back in, and after proper cleaning methods are observed.


  • LA COUNTY residents – for those that don't have a primary care provider, contact COVID-19 Nurse Advice Line at (844) 804-0055. Los Angeles County residents can also call 2-1-1.

ALSO VISIT (including resources for free testing):   

It is reported that priority is given to those within either of the following categories:

  • Symptomatic persons with the following symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.


  1. Students of UCLA who develop symptoms/receive a positive test result for COVID-19 are advised to contact the Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at Tel #: 310-206-6217.

  2. The UCLA COVID-19 Resources website also provides updates on a daily basis of confirmed COVID-19 cases within the UCLA campus community. Please also review  Bruins Safe Online for additional information.

Observance of safety and preventive measures is not limited to new members. Continuing members should also observe all precautionary measures at all times, including following social distancing guidelines in public spaces, such as the HH Lobby, Elevator and Robison A-wing lounge.

Any member feeling sick, should stay indoors as much as practical, limit movement around the co-op, and observe recommended CDC guidelines and/or your physician.

For periods during sickness, please contact the crisis crew chief for related assistance.



Social distancing (maintaining a 6-feet distance from each other), will continue to be required as a precautionary measure, and especially given the increasing number of occupants expected over the ensuing months. Also, required will be wearing of Face coverings (available in Kitchen and Facilities departments), and observation of personal and established/institutional sanitary methods (as mandated by the CDC and State and Local officials). These including frequent washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 

All of the above will be required and enforced until a complete ceasing of these requirements are mandated by State and Local officials, following which will be reviewed and decided upon by the UCHA Board of Directors at a formal meeting of this Body.


Effective Summer II, 2020 quarter, and assuming (daily) feasibility by the Kitchen Department, limited seating options will be offered on a first-come, first-served, basis. Limited seating is defined (as of this time), as two-persons per table (seating on opposite ends of each other).

A similar standard will be maintained for HHH Patio seating with a spatial distance/separation of at least 6-feet between each table.  

Tables would need to be sanitized after each use, which may be carried out by the meal checker of each shift.


All food safety practices previously outlined must be followed and maintained and will be reviewed mid-Fall 2020 for possible amendments. Practices maintained are, but not limited to, as follows:

-Kitchen staff to continue serving of food items, including handing-out of plastic utensils and plates;

-Continued use of only plastic utensils, not silver;

-Kitchen staff (including member diners) to continue wearing Face coverings while working in the Kitchen;

-Members when ill required to refrain from being in public and reschedule shifts with AMO;

-Wash hands frequently; use gloves at all times while in service in the Kitchen;

-Self-service machines, such as soda machines cleaned and sanitized frequently;

-Paper napkins/tissues provided in areas of self-service to avoid direct handling of items;  


As occupancy increases, rooms will be staffed per (occupancy) requirements/needs. Incremental Staffing will take place effective: Monday, July 6, 2020.

Rooms will first be staffed two-per room, regardless of if it is a double or a triple and until additional spaces need to be filled, in line with Housing needs and increasing occupancy.

New members will continue to observe self-quarantining policies for the 2-week period, and then eligible for transfer to “regular” rooms with current members.

Current members who prefer to be with the roommate of their choice, should apply with the front office to make a selection (from among current members), well in advance of new member arrivals to avoid any disruption in/of the room assignment process.


Currently, all crews except the undermentioned crews remain functional and will be permitted an increase in crew size in relation to occupancy levels as the months progress.

Social crew - Will be permitted to operate initially as a “virtual” crew for the express purposes of conducting orientation, surveys, and other “virtual” assignments to be determined. The expected start-time of this operation is projected for the month of September. *see also below.

Gardening – Currently, the Gardening functions are merged under the direction of the Facilities department. Effective Fall 2020, and assuming increased occupancy, a formal crew may be re-formed and crew size to be determined based on need and occupancy levels.

Special Projects Crew – Currently, non-existent. The reformation of this crew is subject to review in Fall 2020 or at the latest, Winter 2021. 


Effective Summer Session II, the UCHA will incrementally open study lounges. In all cases, social distancing measures need to be observed while in these spaces. This includes mandatory 6-feet distancing from all desks, and wearing of facial mask at all times.

Current lounges are listed as: Rooms, 200, 223, 300, 323, 400, 423, 500.!!

Currently open – room #s 200, and 423

#223 (to be opened effective Monday, July 20th, 2020)

#300, #323 (to be opened effective Monday, August 3rd, 2020)

#400, #500 (to be opened effective Monday, August 31st, 2020)

#700, #723 (to be opened effective Monday, September 14th, 2020)

!! Maximum occupancy in all study lounges to be no more than 3 persons (and no more than 4 persons in the TV lounges), at any given time.

Please use the cleaning/disinfectant materials provided by Facilities in the above-mentioned rooms.


*All social events and gatherings, involving of 10-persons and more, is prohibited until a complete easing of the pandemic is known and confirmed by the CDC and State/Local officials. 

Any lifting of restrictions will only be after formal review by the UCHA Board of Directors and at a formal meeting of this body.


Effective Summer session II, 2020 (August 3, 2020), guests’ restrictions will be lifted on an incremental basis. Initial restrictions will be lifted on guests of current members seeking to visit or guest of members needing a daily meal option (for monthly options see below).

Assuming no incident, restrictions on non-member guests will be lifted mid-Fall 2020 (i.e. November 1, 2020), after review of prevailing conditions in light of Fall 2020 increased occupancy.

Consideration of reinstating the Monthly Meal-Plan option (to member’s guests and all others), will take place around November 1, 2020 after review of prevailing conditions, and at a formal meeting of the UCHA Board of Directors.