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Rooms and Room Selection

Rooms &  Furniture

We have singles, doubles, suites, triples and 1 quad in Robison.  Most of the rooms in Essene have a private bath, as do a few in Robison.  Some rooms in Robison have a balcony.

Triples are one room shared by 3 roommates, doubles and suites are one room shared by 2 roommates. Room sizes vary quite a bit. The average sizes are:

  • Triple - 11' x 20'.4"

  • Double - 10'.8" x 18'.2"

  • Single - 7'.6" x 6'.10"

All rooms are furnished such that each member has a bed, desk, chair, closet and drawers. The furniture can vary as some rooms have built-ins.  Most triples have a bunk bed. Mattress size is 38"x77".

All personal items such as bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, towels, toiletries, etc., need to be brought in by you. Mini-fridges are allowed, but cooking appliances are not.  Microwaves and toasters are available in the cafeteria which is always open. 

All rooms have wifi access to high-speed internet.


Room Selection

When you first arrive, you will likely be placed in a temporary room, until "Bump." Bump is the day when everyone who wants to change rooms or is in a temporary room participates in the room selection process, where the members with the most seniority choose first.

Members wishing to remain together can join in a group. Your joint seniority is given a slight boost to help increase your chances of staying together.  It is unusual to have a group not be able to stay together.

There is no way to know what kind of room will be available when it's your turn. It will depend on how many old members are giving up their room to find a different room and how many new members there are and how many teams.

On average it takes approximately two years to get a single and maybe two quarters to get a double, but this varies a lot.  Most new students usually live in a triple the first quarter of their residence at the co-op. 

Once you get your permanent room, you DO NOT HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN, unless and until you want to.  You keep your room through breaks, through summer, as long as you live here.  However, many members stay for years and choose to change rooms several times.

Are there separate floors or wings for men and women?

While the rooms are same-gender, our halls are gender-mixed. The bathrooms however are used by members individually. Should you want to live with a member of the opposite gender, you would need to apply to do so at BUMP. However, no assurances are offered and it depends on space availability.

Is there an area where residents can keep food or fix their own snacks or meals?

Members have access to a microwave and some food in the dining area at all times. We do not allow cooking in the rooms for health and safety reasons.  Snacks and other food that does not require cooking can be kept in the room.

How are your bath and shower facilities?

While some rooms have private baths, most rooms share bathrooms in the same hallway. On average, four rooms will share two bathrooms. Each bathroom is occupied by one member at a time.

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