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2023-2024 Quarterly Rates

Easy on the budget, rich in experience

Rates per Person

Rates are for the entire quarter and include 19 meals each week. Members are responsible for the full quarter's rate, even if checking out early. If moving in mid-quarter, rates will be reduced and charged on a weekly pro-rated basis.

(Triple= 3 persons in one room, Double & Suite= 2 persons in one room, Quad= 4 persons in one room)


NOTE: Applicants are admitted to UCHA as an organization, rather than to any specific building or room type. Room assignments are placed according to availability and the seniority-based  room choice system, Bump.  New members can usually expect to be in a triple room. New members are generally in a temporary room until the Bump process - occurring in Week 2 - where members choose their tenured (permanent) rooms.

HHH Building

  • Triple: $1,909/quarter

  • Double: $2,113/quarter

  • Suite: $2,250/quarter

  • Single: $2,250/quarter

Robison Building

  • Triple: $2,168/quarter

  • Double: $2,250/quarter

  • Single: $2,458/quarter

  • Quad: $2,377/quarter

Essene Building

  • Triple: $2,180/quarter

  • Triple (small): $2,017/quarter

UCHA is run by students working together to bring the cost of living down.

On average, residents pay about $660 per month which INCLUDES:

  • 19 meals per week (vegetarian and vegan choices provided)

  • A furnished room with wifi

  • All utilities (electricity, gas, water, trash removal)

  • The option to change rooms periodically

ALL PRICES ARE PER PERSON, and are for an entire 11-week quarter (dates as set by UCLA). While rates are for the entire quarter, members will receive monthly statements due the first of each month.

Most parking spots cost $180 per quarter.  See the Facilities page for details.

All members must also contribute by doing a 4-hour chore shift each week and one extra 4-hour project sometime during the quarter, as well as taking their turn at bathroom cleaning.  These efforts do more than keep living very affordable, they are a vital part of the experience.  Not only is it another chance to connect with the community, but leadership opportunities abound!

Rates are changed once per year, per the Annual Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA). The new rate becomes effective in the fall quarter.

UCHA does not offer or contract a specific room or building. Applicants with a reservation are admitted to the organization but not to a specific room or building. Ordinarily, you are assigned a temporary room for the first week and then you select your room during the Bump process (See FAQ page for details).

New members are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable membership fee of $200 and a refundable security deposit of $1,200, both due at check-in.

Housing contracts are offered on a quarterly basis, so a minimum stay of one quarter or one summer session is required.   If you are continuing your stay from one quarter to the next, there is NO CHARGE for the break days (between sessions).  However, if you move in before the official check-in day or stay after the official check-out day, there is an additional charge of $30 per day (or prevailing rate).   These extra stays are only offered during the official break period and are contingent upon space availability and must have prior approval.  Contracts will automatically renew between quarters unless you provide the office 30 days notice of your intent to check-out.

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