Regular quarter - All prices listed below, are per person, and are for an entire quarter's room and board (11 weeks). All Prices include food (19 meals per week) and utilities. Internet is also provided in each bed room. The UCHA does not offer/contract a specific room or building; all those applicants with a reservation are admitted to the organization but not to a specific room or building. Final Room (and roommate) selection is up to the individual member, who would make a selection during the official Bump process (See FAQ section of website for details).
Summer sessions - The room and board contribution for each Summer session (approx. 6 weeks) is approximately one half of a regular quarter's room and board.
In addition to the regular quarter and/or Summer sessions room and board contributions, there is a one-time requirement of a non-refundable membership fee of $200 and a refundable security deposit of $1,200.
There is also a daily charge $25/day (or prevailing rate), for extra days stays (i.e. early check-in/late check-out), outside of the regular quarter/Session. These extra stays are only offered during the official break period and are contingent upon space availability and must have prior approval.
For the regular quarter and/or the summer session, and extra stays, members are also required to perform a household chore of 4 hours per week and maintain bathrooms (see FAQ section). All prices include food, utilities and internet facilities. All rates are subject to the Annual Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA).
Housing is offered for members staying a minimum of one quarter (11 weeks) or one session in the summer (approx. 6 weeks). All R&B RATES specified below are per individual person. Example: HHH Triple room (three beds in one room) - each person would be responsible for $1,551 per quarter/11 weeks.



Room and board (R&B) Rates (per quarter/11 weeks) for Fall 2019-Summer 2020 (Triple= 3 persons - one room, Double=2 persons - one room etc.)


  • Triple: $1,614/quarter

  • Double: $1,786/quarter

  • Suite: $1,903/quarter

  • Single: $1,903/quarter


  • Triple: $1,833/quarter

  • Double: $1,903/quarter

  • Quad: $2,010/quarter

  • Single: $2,037/quarter


  • Regular Triple: $1,843/quarter

  • Small Triple: $1,706/quarter


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