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What is the Co-op ?

The University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA) provides reasonable-cost housing to qualified students, visiting scholars and faculty of UCLA and other nearby educational institutions. We are located just two blocks from campus and have been serving the UCHA community for around seventy years.

The Co-op offers an exceptional opportunity to meet students from the United States and from around the world, and become involved in community and university activities. We are an independent organization run by and for the students who live here. We rely on the participation of our membership to make this a successful alternative to high-cost apartments, residence halls, fraternities and sororities.

UCHA was incorporated in 1938 to provide reasonable-cost housing for those who might not be able to afford other alternatives while attending UCLA. The Co-Op owes its success to many generations of students and staff who have worked together and contribute to the continuation of this unique housing organization.

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Regular room and board (R&B) Rates (per quarter) for Fall 2013-Summer 2014 (Triple= 3 persons - one room, Double=2 persons - one room etc.)
HHH (HardmanHansen) Robison (Rob) Essene (Ess)
Triple(3) $1,462 Triple(3) $1,660 Triple(3)  
Double(2) $1,618 Double(2) $1,724 Regular $1,670
Suite(2) $1,724 Quad(4) $1,822 Small $1,545
Single(1) $1,724 Single(1) $1,882    


Some Frequently Asked questions (more here)
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Q15: What if I want to leave mid-quarter?
Q21: How far away is the UCLA campus from the Co-op?
Q29: What size are the rooms in UCHA?
Q45: Is there any internet service in the rooms / on UCHA premises?

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