• Our rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday through Friday, brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Our full-time professional cooks prepare food with student assistance.

  • We offer a vegetarian meal option with each meal and often host international dinners throughout the year.

  • You can arrange for a late dinner if you’ll arrive after regular dinner hours.

  • Meals are usually served during the break periods, but are at the discretion of the UCHA, depending on staff availability.

  • Snacks are usually provided during finals week for late-night studying.



All three buildings have laundry rooms that give you the option to pay with coins or by app.

Store 1.jpg

Our own store!

The store sells an international selection of snacks and drinks along with hygiene and other practical items, saving the time and energy of having to walk to town.


Computer Room

We offer multiple computers connected to high-speed internet and a network printer. The print services charge members 10c per page to cover the costs of paper and printer toner.


One of our study rooms also serves as our library which contains hundreds of books donated by members.

TV Rooms

There are two TV Rooms with large screen televisions that have cable TV service that includes hundreds of channels. For large group screenings, we also have television set up in the cafeteria.


We have a pool table, a piano, a foosball table, a ping-pong table, and other facilities for personal and group enjoyment.



Our gym is set up in a section of the parking garage. Since it is distanced from the living areas of Coop, it is accessible by members 24/7.


UCHA has fewer parking spots than members, so parking assignments are  issued based on a member's seniority.

As such, new members should not expect to get a spot.  You may apply for spots only after official check-in, and not at anytime before.

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UCLA Facilities

We are located walking distance to UCLA’s many recreational facilities, including gyms, various pools, a track, basketball, tennis, squash, and racquet courts, a weight room,  a challenge course, and so much more.

Westwood Village

We are located just a few blocks away from the village, a walkable historic commercial district with student-friendly restaurants and shops. The Village’s cultural attractions include the innovative Hammer Museum, the acclaimed Geffen Playhouse and Fox Theater, a landmark movie palace that regularly hosts splashy premieres. Nearby Holmby Hills is a posh residential district.